Why Novum Overseas Supports St. Francis Hospice

15 November 2023

“At Novum we have always tried to do our bit for the local community, be it sponsoring local sports team or fund raising for charities.

However last year we wanted to commit to a cause for the long term within in our local community, we wanted to give something back, I truly believe we have a responsibility.

We became aware of the support St Francis needed to develop the Raheny site.

Our community responsibility team, which is made up of several people from our manufacturing site, visited St Francis Hospice in Blanchardstown to learn more about the organisation. We were blown away with what we experienced. The work that these people do is hard to put into words.

Our community responsibility team set out a target every 3 months, in just over a year, we have raised over €28,000. This was achieved by getting all employees and suppliers involved in fund raising events. Not only has it been a huge achievement for St Francis Hospice, but it has also been extremely valuable for our culture within Novum.

Like a lot of business in this area, Novum employ a lot of local people and has done so for over 60 years. Many of our employees are familiar, through personal, family or friend’s experiences, with the unbelievable service that St Francis Hospice provides.

I truly believe that more Companies within the area can, and should do more for St Francis Hospice. They play such a pivotal role in our local community.”

Paul Murphy – COO, Novum Overseas