Visiting Guidelines

Visiting Guidelines

St. Francis Hospice Dublin is committed to providing support to patients with specialist palliative care needs and their families. We understand how important it is for family and friends to spend time together. However, we also know that people with serious illness are very vulnerable to COVID-19. We have to try and find the best possible balance between supporting visiting and maintaining the safety of patients, their families, our staff and volunteers Arrangements for visiting are reviewed regularly in line with public health guidance and at times need to change because of new guidance or for infection control reasons.

If you have concerns about visiting arrangements, then this can be discussed. We really appreciate your support with this, as it helps us to continue providing care safely to all patients and families.

During your visit

When you arrive at the hospice, we ask that you check your temperature and register with the volunteer visitor liaison person or the Receptionist before you enter the ward. They will be situated close to reception in both Raheny and Blanchardstown. They will ask you some questions to check out what steps we may need to take to ensure your visit happens as safely as possible.

You will be asked to wear a mask during your time in St. Francis Hospice and to observe hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette and social distancing at all times. Our staff will assist/instruct you about the correct use of facemasks and hand hygiene. Our staff and volunteers will also wear masks and any other equipment necessary to provide care safely.

What are the visiting arrangements?

We recognise the value of having contact with people you love and care about. This is important both for patients and for family members.  For those unable to visit, we support patient contact through telephone, letter, cards, email or video calls. You can email if you would like us to print any messages or photos for the patient. Please put the patient’s name in the subject bar. 

For visits, we try to facilitate one or two people having a visit for each patient every day. Working together with families helps us to best support each patient, as well balancing the restrictions necessary because of COVID-19.

Every patient has the right to confidentiality and we do not discuss each patients’ visiting arrangements with others. We approach each situation as fairly and carefully as we can, taking the individual circumstances for that patient and family into account, while also balancing the public health and infection control guidelines.

Please inform your St. Francis Hospice contact if you become unwell within 48hrs after direct contact with any individual in St. Francis Hospice.

For more information, or to arrange a visit, contact or ring Raheny (01) 832 7535 / Blanchardstown (01) 829 4000.



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