Visiting Guidelines Version 9 - 24th November 2021

Visiting Guidelines Version 9 - 24th November 2021

Visiting Guidelines Update

St. Francis Hospice Dublin is committed to providing support to patients with specialist palliative 
care needs and their families. During these unprecedented times, we have had to make some 
difficult decisions about visiting. We understand how important it is for family and friends to spend 
time together. However, we also know that people with serious illness are very vulnerable to 
COVID-19. We have to try to find the best possible balance between supporting visiting and 
maintaining the safety of patients, their families, our staff and volunteers. 

The decision to place some restrictions on visiting was not made lightly. Guidelines for visiting are 
reviewed regularly in line with public health guidance and at times need to change because of new 
guidance or for infection prevention and control reasons.

Update 24 November 2021: With rising cases of Covid-19 in the community, we want to 
ensure that we are doing our utmost to keep you and your loved ones safe. To do this, we need to 
reduce footfall and the number of people you meet within the hospice. We are asking you to 
reduce the number of visits/visitors where possible. 

What are the visiting guidelines? 

  • All visitors, including children, must be symptom free.
  • Only Two people may visit at a time by the bedside. 
  • Visiting hours are from 12.30 pm to 8 pm daily, if more than one set of visitors need to visit 
  • in a day, please ensure visits are spread out throughout this period of time. 
  • Visitors may use the restaurant after 2.00 pm. If you require access before this, please 
  • discuss this with the team caring for your relative. 
  • Visiting outside of these guidelines is facilitated at the discretion of the Ward Manager and 
  • only in exceptional circumstances. 

What to do on arrival at the Hospice? 
When you arrive at the hospice, we ask that you follow these important steps: 

  • Ensure you feel well and have no symptoms of illness. 
  • Wear a face mask for the duration of your visit. 
  • Decontaminate your hands thoroughly with Hand Sanitiser. 
  • Check your temperature at the electronic thermal scanner to ensure it is below 380 C. 
  • Check in and out at the volunteer visitor liaison desk or reception before you enter and
  • leave the In-Patient Unit. You will be asked some screening questions about COVID-19. 
  • Please observe hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette and social distancing at all times. 
  • Ensure that there are only two visitors by the patient's bedside.
  • Please inform your St. Francis Hospice contact if you become symptomatic / diagnosed with COVID-19 within 48hrs after direct contact with any individual in St. Francis Hospice. 

If you have questions about visiting arrangements, please discuss this with the ward manager. We 
really appreciate your support with this, as it helps us to continue providing care safely to all 
patients and families. Working together with families helps us best support each patient and 
balance the restrictions necessary because of COVID-19. 

Ways to Connect
We recognise the value of having contact with people you love and care about. This is important 
both for patients and for family members. For those unable to visit, we support patient contact 
through telephone, letters, cards, email or video calls. You can email if you 
would like us to print any messages or photos for the patient. Please put the patient’s name in the 
subject bar. 

Every patient has the right to confidentiality, and we do not discuss each patients’ visiting 
arrangements with others. We approach each situation as fairly and carefully as possible, taking the 
individual circumstances for that patient and family into account while balancing the public health 
and infection control guidelines. 


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