Living Today, Building for Tomorrow

St. Francis Hospice, Raheny

Today’s Hospice, Tomorrow’s Needs

St. Francis Hospice, Raheny and Blanchardstown is all about people and community: our patients and families, our extraordinary staff and volunteers and our amazing community whose generosity has enabled us to provide our services free of charge for everyone in our locality requiring them.

Since St. Francis Hospice Dublin (SFHD) began operating out of a port-a-cabin from the grounds in Raheny in 1989, North Dublin has changed almost beyond recognition. During this time North Dublin has experienced the largest population growth in Ireland and that growth continues. Our society is also ageing and accessing services in different ways. Today we provide palliative services for the almost 700,000 people who live in North Dublin and the surrounding counties of Meath, Kildare and Louth.

About Living Today, Building for Tomorrow

St. Francis Hospice Dublin has created a new ‘constructive giving’ programme. This programme, called Living Today, Building for Tomorrow will see the construction community coming together to fundraise nearly €3.5m towards building our new much needed in-patient unit in Raheny.

At all levels, companies contributing to the Living Today, Building for Tomorrow programme will be given the tools they need to market their support of this invaluable community service.

Putting the ‘S’ into ESG & CSR

Collaborating with St. Francis Hospice Dublin means together we can strive to ensure that the Hospice is there for those in need and that our services remain at no charge to the patients and families in our care.
Since our foundation in 1989, St Francis Hospice Dublin has touched the lives of nearly 300,000* people in the profoundest way; these people are your colleagues or suppliers and customers. Our brand is strong and recognisable in the community because of our strong connection with those we serve.
*Based on 10 family members/friends for each patient.

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