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Honouring the Journey

Honouring the Journey

Honouring the Journey

Carmel Masterson
Significant date: 11 April, 2019
By Liam and Una Heffernan on April 2019
Grandad, Aidan Ridgeway
Significant date:
By Bar on April 2019
What a wonderful way to be forever remembered, than your 1st grandchild being named after you. A fantastic everlasting honour.
Congratulation to you all, Aoife, Margaret and the new baby Aidan.
God bless.
Aidan Ridgeway { grandad }
Significant date:
By Tommy on April 2019
Congratulations, I've only just heard about the birth of your first grandchild.
So sad youre not here with him but I suspect youre never too far away.
You have such a beautiful little family. Always think about Margaret and Aoife, I know they will always talk about grandad to baby Aidan. Baby Aidan has the best angel watching over him.

Grandad, Aidan Ridgeway
Significant date:
By Amanda on April 2019
Your darling baby grand son Aidan was welcomed into this world a few short weeks ago. He is a little dote. Aoife is a super mum to your little namesake. I know you're watching over them always. Mags is the ultimate, caring nana.
God bless Aidan, and look over Margaret, Aoife, Conor and your baby grandson.
I know your're never too far away.
Margaret King, my precious mam
Significant date: 7 May, 1996
By Maureen King on March 2019
Our Precious Sunflower

On a beautiful sunny day in May,
blossomed the prettiest sunflower of the day,
So humble, loving, gentle and kind
we were blessed that you chose us to mind.
You lived your life doing right and did not wrong
unselfishly helping others to be strong,
When your time came to go to heaven above
you minded us on the bravest journey of unconditional love,
The void you left no one can fill,
your loss too much to bear,
But the comfort we get when we see that
your petals are everywhere,
they show up unexpectedly
in moments and in places
in sights and sounds, and scents
and even in the faces
of those you touched with your warm heart
and your loving ways.
Though we miss you every day
and we know we always will;
you left us a legacy of love that lingers still,
we will cling to precious memories
in this time that we're apart
and take comfort from the petals,
forever etched upon our hearts.

I remember so fondly the day we went for a "jaunt" in the wheelchair to have a "nose around". When you saw the painting of the sunflower on the wall your beautiful brown eyes and amazing smile lit up so brightly and it was at that moment I knew you where telling me to keep facing in to the sun x
Maurice Hales
Significant date: 17 September, 2017
By The Hales Family on March 2019

Always Loved, Never Forgotten.

We miss you everyday!
Margaret Walsh
Significant date: 21 March, 2019
By Staff of the Departmetn of Home Affairs, Melbourne, Australia on March 2019
To the family of Niall Walsh, our very good friend and colleague.

Our deepest sympathies to all of you in this difficult time.

Warm Regards,

The Staff of the Department of Home Affairs
Melbourne, Victoria
Aidan Ridgeway
Significant date: 1 April, 2019
By Beechgrove doggy fun park on March 2019
We had a fantastic day on our second annual memorial walk in your honour. We raised so much money for your favourite charities and the wee memorial keyrings were just the sweetest.

Thinking of you as always.
John Brierton
Significant date: 22 November, 2018
By on March 2019
Keeping the tradition alive. Missing you lots... x
Billy Kelly
Significant date: 4 February, 2019
By Bunzl Irish Merchants on February 2019
To all the Kelly family with our deepest sympathies from all the staff of Bunzl Irish Merchants



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