The chaplains work along with the other members of the multidisciplinary team to provide spiritual and religious care and support to patients, families, significant others, staff members and volunteers in all services delivered in St Francis Hospice.

While at all times respecting and upholding the dignity of the person, chaplains are privileged to join people on the final stage of life’s journey as they face illness and death. We listen to their stories as we journey with them, exploring what gives meaning to their lives.

Support will be offered to people of diverse cultures and faith traditions, or none, acknowledging what is important and meaningful for them. The rights of patients/families to have access to spiritual care by members of their own faith is respected and enabled where possible on request.

We respond to peoples' religious needs as appropriate for them. The celebration of the Eucharist takes place in SFH Raheny and SFH Blanchardstown on certain days each week. The Sacrament of the Sick and Sacrament of Reconciliation are available on request.


"We told our stories - that's all. We sat and listened to each other and heard the journeys of each soul. We sat in silence entering each one's pain and sharing each one's joy."

Edwina Gateley - Psalms of a Lay Woman

Chaplaincy often goes beyond words; sometimes there are no words to be said. Silence, waiting, being there, sitting beside, standing there is what becomes important. Presence is what touches people in ways that we cannot measure.

"So listen to my story and share my pain and death. Oh, listen to my story and rise and live with me."

Edwina Gateley - Psalms of a Lay Woman


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